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Go Dutch :-)

Learn (business) Dutch in a relaxed and fun way

About Learn-a-Lot

Holland is a funny place: English speaking expats can get quite far in their career and daily life before they reach the common language barriers. But the longer they live in The Netherlands the more they realize that their success is limited by their communication skills. Their colleagues get promoted, their customers choose competitors and their children speak Dutch better than themselves.

Most expats (especially those highly educated and successful in their career) find it very difficult to abandon the comfort of the English communication and once again become those stuttering pupils painfully trying to express themselves in a new language.

We at Learn-a-Lot understand all that and we help you to make that next step. We will boost your confidence and show you how to avoid the typical obsticals in learning Dutch. Our lessons are refreshing and fun - so you will look forward to them even after a long day at office. We do not specialize in rigid courses, but rather provide a tailor-made experience allowing you to absorb information with ease and focus on topics most useful to YOUR life and career.